The Retrospective Bride

The Retrospective Bride [series]: Audrey by Emmily Jones

Audrey and Jacob were married in the Salt Lake City Temple followed by a lush reception in Red Butte Garden's beautiful Orangerie. Lovely details were included throughout the wedding day but the real kicker was Audrey's amazing custom dress (read on for more details). 

What were your biggest priorities for your wedding day?

Dress and photos. I didn't care about the cake (it was assembled the day of my wedding), or my invitations (we printed all the invitations ourselves- which ended up being a lengthy task), but I knew I would not compromise on my dress or photos. I wanted to feel beautiful inside and out and for my dress to be a keepsake for future generations. I also wanted to be happy with the photo's after looking at them for 50 years, so I knew I couldn't skimp on a good photographer.


Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?  

Most of my wedding day inspiration came from my collection of bridal magazines. I went through each one and tore out all the pages I liked- flowers, dresses, colors, activities, etc... and made multiple little 'inspiration boards' that I printed out and sent to my bridesmaids and reviewed for myself.


What was the most memorable part of the day?  

If I have to choose, I'd say probably the most memorable part of my day was the very end. Walking out of the venue with family and friends cheering, getting in the car and driving off with just me and Jacob. It was sweet, and romantic. Also, coming out of the temple and seeing friends and family get teary eyed. It's a feeling of 'We did it! Look how far we've come! The day has arrived!' before all the hustle and bustle of the festivities and photos began. 


One piece of advice for brides planning their wedding? 

I would say 'decide for yourself what's most important to you for your wedding day- ie: the food, close friends and family, the day, etc.. and don't get lost in all the other details. Weddings are stressful, but can also be really fun. So, focus on the fun things- don't skimp. Go taste the samples of cake, try on the expensive dresses even though you know you're not going to buy them, and whatever else you fancy to do! 



Photographer- Christine Olson Photography

Custom Dress- Penelope Perkins (located in SLC)

Venue- The Orangerie at Red Butte Garden

The Retrospective Bride [series]: Lydia by Emmily Jones

Lydia is an artistic, free-spirited bride who did not conform to your standard wedding. She decided to forego having a reception all together so they could spend their day more intimately with family and friends. 

What were your biggest priorities for the day of your wedding?

1. Photographer  2. Dress  3. Flowers  4. Venue  5. Announcements  6. Cake. 

I didn't have a reception so decorations didn't really matter to me. I only had a dinner, so the venue was semi-important. But for me, the photography was most important, and everything that went into the photographs were second most important - so that would be the dress and flowers. Photography is one of my most favorite art genres, though, so I'm a little biased. I had also dreamed up my bouquet for years. And though the cake was last on my list - it also had a special place in my dream day. Chocolate cake means a lot to me, haha.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

All the friends and family that were there who showed their love and support. That was pretty amazing. The whole day though was all a memorable bunch of perfect party wonderfulness.


Was there a special personal touch to any detail in the wedding? 

I really am in love with the way my announcements turned out. They were also a small form of art in themselves and I will treasure them forever.

OH and also my bouquet was literally the most perfect, beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen and it was perfect in every way!


Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

Looking at my favorite photographers on Facebook and blogs, hands down. That's how I found my dress! But other than that, just good friends.


One piece of advice for brides planning their wedding?

Get a wedding planner. And I'm not just saying that. You can see on my blog that that's the number one thing I recommend to brides. I wrote a whole post on it!



Custom Dress- Sharon Kirk, (435) 760-6295 (located in Logan, UT)

Photographer- Opal Dream Photography

Paper-  Rooney Hand-Lettering