DIY- Gold Dipped Mason Jars / by Emmily Jones

I am loving gold right now. I'm so happy to be working on an August wedding with a color scheme of blush pinks, light peach and coral, champagne, and gold. Because of this, I've been playing around with gold lately and found my new favorite DIY. 

Gold Dipped Mason Jars! They are super easy to make and are not as messy as you might think.  

Materials used: 

Wide Mouth Quart Mason Jar

Coarse Gold Glitter


Foam Paint Brush

Tin Cooking Pan (or any base where you can easily reuse the glitter, if you use a cardboard box, you'll lose a lot of glitter trying to reuse it because it will fall through cracks and get stuck in corners) 

Spray Adhesive (I use Loctite brand) 

Painters Tape



1. Tape the top of the jar, where you want the glitter to start.

2. Paint the ModPodge on one side of the jar

3. Generously pour the glitter over the ModPodge, let the excess fall.  

4. Repeat until jar is covered. 

5. Spray the glitter with the spray adhesive (I do this outside, and because of the strength of the spray, I give about 3 feet distance between the adhesive and jar, if you spray too close the glitter will blast off. )

6. Let dry and peel the tape off.  


There you have it. You'll see lots of these beauties paired with blush pink and champagne in a future post. I can not wait for this August wedding!